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Annual Exams and Women’s Checkups

Regularly scheduled exams and checkups can support peace of mind and early detection of health issues.

Empowering Women’s Health, One Journey at a Time

At Four Corners OB/GYN, we provide compassionate, evidence-based, and expert care to women from all walks of life. As a non-faith-based organization, we are committed to delivering comprehensive and personalized obstetric and gynecological services that prioritize your well-being, choices, and individual needs.

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Standing by Our Values

Empowering Choices

We aim to create a healthcare experience that not only addresses medical needs but also uplifts individuals, leaving them feeling informed, confident, and in control of their health.


We actively cultivate an environment where every individual feels acknowledged, respected, and valued. Our commitment to inclusivity extends beyond cultural and demographic considerations; it dives into the unique life experiences and backgrounds of each person we serve.

Evidence-Based Excellence

By adhering to evidence-based practices, we not only stand by the effectiveness of our treatments but, more importantly, prioritize the safety and well-being of our patients.

Community-Centric Care

We recognize that our patients are not just individuals; you are part of vibrant and interconnected communities. Our commitment is to actively contribute to the overall well-being of these communities.

"I have seen several doctors and practitioners at Four Corners OB/GYN over the years and have felt comfortable and cared for by each and every one of them. I have a history of trauma so it’s important to me to feel super safe and comfortable. I always recommend Four Corners when people ask me for referrals and everyone I have sent there has thanked me for the recommendation because they too have felt so cared for!"

C. Dickinson

“Every nurse and doctor who ever attended to me was knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate. I felt comfortable asking questions and expressing concerns. I highly recommend this office to all expecting mothers.”


“I have a daughter with a severe disability. This practice was amazing to work with. Turned out my daughter needed a surgery. The team, their accommodations and professionalism were A+. Our surgeon visited with us before, during and after the procedure. He checked in and really showed how much he cared about her. Everything went great. We couldn’t be happier.”


“I am incredibly grateful for the compassionate and exceptional care provided by the Physicians, PAs, and NPs at Four Corners. From my prenatal care to the beautiful delivery of my son by Dr. Lasich, every aspect of the care provided has been professional and empathetic. Dr. Berarducci provided incredible care throughout most of my complicated pregnancy. I had many questions and concerns during my pregnancy, but always felt well informed and supported by all of the providers. I am forever grateful to have such an exceptional OB group in our small community.”